Using Native Australian Plants in Your Garden Design

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To create the most sustainable backyard it is best to use native Australian plants. These are indigenous to the continent and so have adapted to the environment, and are therefore the most likely to survive in the climate naturally. Australian plants will look great in any WA backyard, but not only that, they also encourage a great habitat for native birds and other wildlife.

Backyard designs in Perth have been incorporating native plants for a long time, as they provide a natural system to improve the sustainability of your home. These systems have developed in nature over thousands of years, and so it only makes sense to encourage this kind of growth to make your home as sustainable as possible.

The vegetation you keep in your backyard will encourage endemic wildlife to set up habitat and create an ecosystem, and can simultaneously positively affect air quality, biodiversity, and water management. This is the main reason why more homeowners have been seeking native Australian plants as part of their landscaping design in Perth.


The first point to make about using native plants for your landscape design in Perth is that it will look pleasing. The aesthetics of having local fauna in your backyard is something to marvel at, and something that shouldn’t be missed out on in any Australian home. However, aside from this, creating a sustainable garden has great utility value.

A sustainable garden, using only native plants will seriously assist climate adaptations, such as water management and air quality, and it can even regulate the temperature of your home. Such is the value of creating a backyard filled with Australian plant species, that many are realising the benefits beyond the aesthetic value and are requesting landscape designers in Perth to install a sustainable garden in their backyard.

The central idea behind sustainable gardens is to combine the design of the artificial landscapes with the natural ones that already exist. Garden designers in Perth are creating self-maintaining landscapes that survive because they are already adapted to the local climate and environment. At Xteria Landscapes we have assisted many happy customers to create their preferential sustainable garden.

Plant Life

The first step to creating your natural garden is to select the correct indigenous plants that will grow freely in your backyard. You’ll want to create a garden design that utilises the correct plants given the conditions of the particular place where you live. As garden designers located in Perth we will be able to advise you on the best plants suited to your area.

For example, you could be looking to introduce some wetland plants that will bring in certain insects, which will, in turn, encourage local birds and reptiles to inhabit the area. The use of the correct plants is also important for reducing water usage – extremely important in WA – and so many homeowners are now incorporating this factor into their garden landscaping in Perth.

Other ideas surrounding the correct selection of plant life are to enhance biodiversity, by putting things into the ecosystem that may not have even been present before. Landscape designs in Perth can range from revegetation of a large bush area to careful selection of varied plants into a small urban space that may not have seen plant life for a long while. By simply placing the correct plants into place, you can transform your backyard into a mini-Australian ecosystem.


Whilst much of what it means to create a sustainable garden is about the choice of plants, and keeping them native to the local area, a fundamental factor is about creating the correct site too. This means creating backyard landscaping in Perth that fits in with the local ecology, for example by utilising rainwater to naturally irrigate the land that ensures the plants will grow naturally.

This is a key point in resource conservation, which is very much one of the main points of using native Australian plants in our backyard. Other sustainable landscaping techniques include controlling the amount of salt in the soil (salinity), or ensuring a richness of nutrients in the ground that will effectively help process carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis. The water cycle and carbon absorption should be one of the main features of any garden design in Perth.

Perth landscape designers will create gardens that make the best use of natural features, as the location of vegetation is an important part of creating an ecologically sound garden. A tree placed in the correct position can shade your house, whilst also creating habitat and shelter for local wildlife.

Trees and other vegetation can also provide windbreaks, and can also be useful for enhancing the privacy of your garden. Altogether, there are many factors that need to be combined to create the most effective garden designs in Perth. We understand all these important factors regarding garden design at Xteria Landscaping, and will be able to advise you well.

The Native Australian Garden

For many reasons, it makes sense to use Australian plants in our backyards. In recent years Perth garden design has evolved to create backyards that are designed effectively and can be experienced from both inside and outside of the home. Native Australian gardens are pleasant to look at, but also have a high utility value as they can help to control how warm or cool your home is, and conserve water usage.

What is important is to include native plants that will cope with the local environment. That means they are able to survive in the soil conditions, and will not be a strain on the water resources, which would discourage other plants to survive around them. You should be seeking to create a backyard garden that lives in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Plants can be native or indigenous, but also could include non-Australian plants from other similar climatic zones, so long as they’re not an invasive species. As landscape designers based in Perth we will be able to advise you on the best plants suited to your area.

The landscaping itself is also crucial to the design of the garden, as this will encompass important features such as conserving water and managing salinity of the soil. There are many elements that must be combined to create a manageable garden, as well as introducing Australian plants because the plants will only survive and flourish under the correct set of circumstances. This fundamentally requires careful modelling of the shape of the landscape itself. You can contact us today on 08 9303 9925 and we will able to advise you on plant varieties, landscaping, and creating sustainable gardens.

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