The Latest Landscaping and Gardening Trends – 2017

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As one of the leading landscape designers operating in Perth, we’re often asked about the latest landscaping and gardening design trends and what we think of implementing and incorporating them at clients’ properties. There are many landscaping and gardening trends that we find exciting at the moment, including climate-minded gardening and naturalism, which is opting for native and drought-tolerant plants that help homeowners save water, along with old-new mashups, edible backyard gardening and many more.

Whether you’re moving into a new home and exploring the many landscaping and gardening design options you’re presented with or you’re considering a complete or partial garden makeover, here are some of the most exciting and popular landscaping and gardening trends in 2017.

Climate-Minded and Naturalism Gardening

As Perth landscape designers with many years’ experience creating beautiful living landscapes in what’s often a harsh and inhospitable climate, this is a trend that we find really exciting. So, what is climate-minded and naturalism gardening? To put it simply, it’s adapting to the local climate by planting Australian native plants and drought-resistant plant varieties which best suit our local weather conditions.

This doesn’t mean giving up a beautifully landscaped garden, it simply means favouring local plants and drought-resistant varieties over those that require greater water consumption. It also entails the incorporation of natural elements like rocks and boulders to provide a contrast and to give the garden and landscaped area a more natural structure. This has many benefits to offer, such as:

  • Cost-effective landscaping – As these plants require minimal water and maintenance, they require less time to care for and less money for fertilizers and other products.
  • Longer lifespan – Another excellent benefit to choosing plants which are native and need minimal water is that they fare better than imported species in the hot summer months and, therefore, generally have a longer lifespan.

Due these great benefits and their inherent aesthetic appeal, a variety of local, native and drought-resistant plants now feature in many beautiful garden designs across Perth. And with climate change having an impact the world over, here in WA as well, it’s important to consider how the forces of climate change will affect the plants in our gardens and then design landscaped spaces accordingly.

Edible Gardening

While having a vegetable and herb garden separate from the non-edible plants in the garden is, and will always be, a popular trend, it’s now become quite common to see vegetables and herbs planted throughout the entire landscaped area.

Naturally, they will need to be planted in areas that makes them accessible without having to step over (or on) other plants, though as a number of herbs and vegetables, especially chilies, peppers, eggplants and lettuce varieties, are so aesthetically attractive, it makes perfect sense to incorporate edibles among your garden. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow at home include:

  • Carrots, turnips and radishes (root vegetables)
  • Cucumbers and green beans (both need support)
  • Zucchini and eggplants (courgettes and aubergines)
  • Lettuce and salad greens (like rocket and wasabi greens)
  • Tomatoes (truss tomatoes are a great choice for their aesthetics as well as flavour)

You can incorporate edibles into your garden slowly (one or two plants at a time) and a great way to start this is by planting easy-to-care-for herbs, like parsley, mint, basil and coriander, or whichever herbs you most frequently use in the kitchen. Moreover, most herbs and vegetables can be kept in large pots if you didn’t want to plant them in the soil among the decorative plants in the garden.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials in home gardens has been popular for quite some time now and many backyard designs across Perth feature natural materials, such as boulders and rocks which provide great structure for gardens, as do railway ties and sleepers that have a less geometrical look to the materials that are regularly purchased from home improvement and gardening stores.

Natural materials enable homeowners to give their garden a more natural, organic look and that’s a trendy effect that can be furthered with rustic outdoor furniture including swings, small coffee tables and chairs, and other items. If you’re after a more rural or old-fashioned feel for your outdoor and garden spaces, incorporating natural elements into the garden design will deliver great results.

A Mix of Old and New

Following on from the above discussed trend that’s seen a variety of natural elements incorporated into garden spaces, if you don’t want your garden to look too rustic or old-fashioned, a mashup of the old and the new could deliver a superb aesthetic effect. This trend isn’t limited to outdoor spaces and gardens as it’s been popular in residential interiors for some time now and is increasingly prevalent in homes across the world.

As prominent US-based garden designer, Richard Hartlage, says on the subject, “It used to not be OK to mix styles, but now it’s acceptable. It’s not about modern or traditional anymore but how you combine the two in a compelling way, either by putting modern elements in a traditional garden or incorporating bold, traditional elements in a modern garden.” This could be as simple as a traditional heritage-style garden featuring modern, streamlined furniture or it could entail incorporating modern and traditional ornamental elements throughout the garden and landscaping design.

Bright and Bold Flowers

This is a trend that has always been popular and 2017 is no exception. Whether you choose to plant them among your garden or make homes for them in ornamental pots on your patio, the colour that they add to landscaped areas is nothing shy of amazing. Some of the most popular of the gloriously bright and bold flowers that are suitable for landscape designs in Perth include:

  • Tulips
  • Pansies
  • Daffodils
  • Pink azaleas
  • Snapdragons

And there are many more!

Xteria offers homeowners across Perth and surrounds expert garden and landscape design services that transform residential properties and help homeowners discover what it means to live among a luxurious, living landscape that amazes the senses on a daily basis. And as we also offer maintenance services, you can rest assured that we’ll always be here for you whenever you need our expertise.

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