Latest Landscaping Gardening Trends

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Design trends tend to move fairly slowly when it comes to outdoor spaces. However, in recent months, we’ve seen a noticeable shift in garden aesthetics that seems to favour natural features, bright colours and subtle lighting.

Thinking about incorporating some of these elements into your own garden? With more than 30 years of experience designing backyard landscapes in Perth, Xteria Landscape has the vision, expertise and personal touch to bring all your outdoor dreams to life. Read on for a healthy dose of design inspiration and get some insight into the 10 hottest landscaping gardening trends that are shaping the future of Perth’s backyards.

1. Bright Splashes of Colour

Various shades of off-white may dominate the interior of most modern homes, but when it comes to the garden, vibrant colours reign supreme. Inject bright, cheerful hues into your Perth garden design by opting for flowers bursting with rich oranges, reds, purples and yellows. Set bright flowers in a garden bed or muted-colour pots, or experiment with non-flowering plants in bright, adventurous pots. Remember, contrast is key!

2. The Veg Garden is Back

As the world steadily becomes more in tune with the importance of sustainability, we’re seeing an uptick in the number of people integrating veg gardens into their Perth landscape design. Thanks to Western Australia’s temperate climate, it’s possible to grow a huge variety of vegetables all year round. Not sure where to start? Broccoli, lettuce, sweet corn, tomatoes and carrots are all great additions to any veg garden.

3. Outdoor Baths Make a Splash

No longer the sole domain of Balinese bungalows, outdoor baths are making their way into modern landscapes across Australia. Visually, a well positioned tub can create an excellent point of focus in any space, but the real appeal lies in the relaxation factor – few things help you unwind after a long day like lying back in a bath and gazing up at the stars. If you’re tossing up between an outdoor bath and a spa, keep in mind that the former requires little maintenance, no chemicals and uses a fraction of the electricity.

4. Embracing the Organic Aesthetic

Geometric spaces and hard, defined lines remain popular design choices in Perth gardens, but we are seeing the gradual emergence of a more organic aesthetic. People are starting to play with natural materials that complement the surrounding environment, ultramodern seats and tables are being replaced with rustic outdoor furniture and swing seats are making a comeback.

5. Switching onto Garden Lighting

Ask any decorator what the most important element of interior design is, and we guarantee they’ll say “lighting”. We’re quickly learning that the same principle rings true in outdoor spaces, with garden lighting becoming one of the most popular backyard design trends in recent months. Lighting placed along garden steps, around the pool or by outdoor furniture can add a wonderful ambiance to these spaces and draw attention to your garden’s most important features.

6. Hanging Out With Vertical Gardens

While some properties in Western Australia are blessed with large, sprawling backyards, many have more modestly sized gardens, which require a bit more creativity.

Enter vertical gardens.

An incredibly effective way of introducing huge swathes of lush greenery, vertical gardens are proving to be very popular among people living in apartments and townhouses.

7. Buzzing About Bee-friendly Plants

You might have heard that bees were dying in enormous numbers, which is troublesome for us humans considering that our furry little buzzing friends are crucial for our survival. The good news is that bee populations are slowly recovering, but it has created a bit of a quirky trend of environmentally conscious gardeners creating bee-friendly backyards. If you want to do your part for the effort, start incorporating bee-friendly plants into your Perth landscape design and trying to minimise the use of pesticides that are known to be toxic to bees.

8. Combining Old and New Styles

Balancing old and new elements has long been a popular design trend in architecture and interior design, and we’re pleased to report the philosophy is now finally making its way into our outdoor spaces, too. Combining the traditional with the contemporary will bring a sense of balance to the overall feel and design of your Perth backyard, and allow you to avoid many of the trappings that come with focusing on a singular style.

9. Garden Structures are Going Industrial

Somewhat at odds with some of the more au naturale trends listed here, industrial structures are quickly becoming the go-to choice when it comes to eye-catching garden features. Rustic yet modern, beautiful yet very functional, structures such as shuttered concrete walls, iron fire pits and steel tables are excellent ways to create dramatic points of contrast in your backyard without drastically changing the overarching feel of your outdoor space.

10. Stronger Focus on Sustainability

With more people coming to terms with climate change and how the planet is changing as a result, it’s little surprise that one of the hottest emerging trends is centred around sustainability. Increasingly, we’re seeing greater demand for Perth landscape designs that are built around making the most of the existing natural space and minimising environmental impact. From efficient irrigation methods through to the choice of materials used in your outdoor furniture, there are countless ways to express this particular design trend and do your part for Mother Nature!

Current outdoor design trends are focused on creating harmony in your backyard through balanced styles and sustainable choices. Here at Xteria Landscapes, we certainly appreciate many of these trends, but ultimately we believe that your outdoor space should be unique, special and a reflection of you – and whether or not you choose to express yourself with these design trends is entirely up to you!

With a passion for beautiful gardens and a strong focus on delivering a seamless experience, we’re proud to be a leading provider of luxury garden designs in Perth. If you’re thinking about creating a new outdoor space or breathing new life into an existing one, get in touch with the team today.

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