3 Insider Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden

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The best gardens are a labour of love, and a great deal of expert planning goes into creating them. As one of the leading luxury landscape designers in Perth, Xteria have been involved in building some of the most serenely striking greenspaces in the region. Given our local experience, we thought we would take a moment to share three of our top insider tips for designing the perfect garden:

  1. Settle on a Design Theme before You Begin.
    Designing a garden requires the same amount of foresight and planning as designing a home’s architecture or interior. There are many different routes you can take – from designing a garden to blend with your home’s exterior to choosing a particular motif simply because it has always interested you. What’s most important is that you settle this first, so that the rest of your garden planning will flow from the original design decisions.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to contact your landscape designers in Perth before beginning the planning process. During their site inspection of your property, you can explain what you would like to accomplish with the space, and they’ll come back with some pointed suggestions based on your preferences and the overall look and feel of the property and existing architecture.

  1. Take Care with Pavers.
    Pavers are an integral part of garden design in WA. When done well, they create a charming effect. However, pavers come with a few inherent risks that need to be considered before and during installation. To begin with, some paving materials – particularly polished granite and some smooth tiles – do not offer much traction when damp. In fact, they can become a slip hazard during dewy mornings or after rain.

Your landscape designers in Perth should be aware of this, and they’ll guide you toward paving products that offer plenty of traction in all weather conditions. Experienced landscapers will also know to install your pavers with an ever-so-slight slope so that water doesn’t pool up on them.

  1. Make Sure Garden Paths Are Wide Enough.
    Larger gardens often have paths that a person can enjoy a leisurely walk along, taking in the sights and fragrant aromas of the greenspace. But the truth is that walking paths are easy to do wrong. In an attempt to maximise the garden space, many property owners end up making their walking paths too narrow. They do so in order to free up more space for decorative trees, flowerbeds and water features. The problem is, this can actually make the space less enjoyable.

A good rule is that any garden path should be at least wide enough for two people to walk side by side. This ensures that those going opposite directions can comfortably pass one another without having to turn sideways or brush up against one another. Likewise, friends and couples can walk abreast of one another when touring the garden together.

If you have a major landscaping project ahead of you, get in touch with Xteria as early in the process as possible. We’ll work with you to create the garden you’ve always dreamed of owning.

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